Your Basic Pattern©

  1. Your Basic Pattern© is a journey to the person you really are. It is time for you to travel where only
    you can go.

  2. Your Basic Pattern© helps you gain conscious awareness as you integrate all aspects of yourself.  

  3. Your Basic Pattern© brings a positive direction to your life. You will never again wonder why your life isn't going better. 

  4. Your Basic Pattern© teaches you to

         —harness your personal power so you
your potential.

          —realize your perceptions have not been 
based on truth.


You will learn to clear up perceptions so you view what happens around you as it really is. Then you will explore, understand and accept.

On this website find more about what Your Basic Pattern© contains, what you get when you order the program, how it works, and what results to expect. There are also comments from individuals who did the program privately and a story about two prospective clients who sign up and go through the program.

Did you arrive in the world without a plan for your life? You were a baby. You weren't able to talk or walk and were dependent on others to care for you. Despite your dependent condition, did you somehow know there was a design  — a pattern for you to follow? That was Your Basic Pattern. As you grew up your life felt satisfying when you were following that pattern and troubling when you weren't.

While you were in school, you studied many subjects. You may have spent more time on one subject-area than another, so you said you majored in that subject.  Did you spend any time learning about yourself and how your mind works?



Here you are, brilliant in a specialized field, but what about your mind, the part of you that runs the whole show? Do you understand what goes on in your mind? Maybe it's time for you to major in a new subject — yourself.

In the past, did you ever think about doing some inner growth work, but for one reason or another, you never did? With this program, you don't have to go anywhere, meet with a therapist, attend workshops or seminars to get a deep understanding of yourself. You are the subject of your studies and you are always right there.

This is a therapy program you do by yourself, for yourself. You listen to CDs when you are alone and take notes on what you are hearing.  You learn a lot from these deep therapeutic sessions.  You discover you have both a conscious mind and an unconscious mind.  You hid information about some of your experiences in your unconscious mind because you didn't want to think about those experiences again.  You hadn't known it earlier, but that information was silently running your life.

You learned how to explore your unconscious mind to find the source of anything that bothers you. While you are searching, you discover several ways to handle any problem. In other words, you have become your own therapist.


       —Are you ready to start a new journey?


       —Which direction will you take?